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Volume 32 Issue 04

December 2019

Special Issue on FLEAT: Flow Encountering Abrupt Topography

Volume 32 Issue 03

September 2019

Special Issue on PISCO: Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans

Volume 32 Issue 02

June 2019

Special Issue on SPURS-2: Salinity Processes in the Upper-Ocean Regional Study 2

Volume 32 Issue 01 Supplement

March 2019

SUPPLEMENT • New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration:
The E/V Nautilus, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, and R/V Falkor 2018 Field Season

Volume 32 Issue 01

March 2019

Special Issue on Scientific Ocean Drilling: Looking to the Future

Volume 31 Issue 04

December 2018

Special Issue on the Gulf of San Jorge (Patagonia, Argentina)

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Editor’s Choice
180 MY Record of Sea Level

180-Million-Year Record of Sea Level

The geologic record provides constraints on the rates, amplitudes, and mechanisms controlling sea level changes. Read more.

Atlantic Warming Since the Little Ice Age

Atlantic Warming Since the Little Ice Age

Radiocarbon data suggest that it takes several centuries for the deep Atlantic to respond to sea surface changes. Read more.

Probing Axial Seamount

Probing Axial Seamount

Geophysical observations captured for three eruptions at Axial help scientists understand volcanic processes there. Read more.

The 1966 Flooding of Venice

The 1966 Flooding of Venice

At the flood’s 50th anniversary, scientists review the event from the perspective of today’s scientific knowledge. Read more.